Advanced Delivery & Maternal & Neonatal Emergency Simulator : Automatic Birthing System. Simulates Real Delivery Process with CPR of Pregnant Women!

Advanced delivery and maternal and neonatal emergency simulator is a comprehensive education system, which consists of a delivery maternal manikin and a normal newborn, according to the basic requirement of obstetrics, providing a complete birth experience and emergency skills operation. Simulator features includes automatic delivery system, fetus and placental expulsion, prenatal cervix examination and postpartum episiotomy, prenatal gravida and fetus and postpartum maternal and neonatal care, removable stomach cover, multiple fetal heart sounds auscultation and CPR operation etc. The model is made of imported PVC material. The stomach wall is injection – molded. Perineum is made of sponge emulsion material, features soft texture, good flexibility, realistic operation, reasonable structure and durability. It is one of the ideal teaching aids for clinical obstetrics practice training.
Product Features:
1. Advanced delivery maternal manikin can practice maternal care
2. Life size maternity, soft and removable stomach cover can be replaced for a auscultation stomach cover and c-section stomach cover
3. Maternal tracheal intubation
4. Automatic birthing system to simulate the entire birthing process. This model can simulate normal delivery process via occiput right interior position; demonstrate engagement – descent – flexion – inner rotation – extension – reset and external rotation – fetal shoulder expulsion etc. This model can also simulate difficult labor and midwifery course. Simulate normal and abnormal fetal position (head birth and breech delivery).
5. Can carry out multiple fetal heart sound auscultation
6. Provides prenatal cervix examination; simulate 6 stages of cervical dilation
7. Can measure fetal head descent and cervical dilation
8. Simulate normal placenta location, multiple placenta locations and placenta chips residue
9. Vulval incision and suturing modules can be inserted into perineum to practice perineotomy,suturing and wound nursing after perineotomy
10. Postpartum uterine bleeding and fundal massage
11. Venous injection on maternal arm, drug treatment and liquid infusion
12. Maternal carotid artery pulse
13. Maternal blood pressure measurement
14. Maternal CPR
15. Articulating normal birthing baby with umbilical cord and normal placenta, life size. Can practice umbilical cord legation and placental expulsion
16. Neonatal transfusion simulator, providing newborn baby nursing, tracheal intubation, venous injection

Advanced Nursing & Wound Care Manikin

This is a full-body lifelike wound care manikin, which is specifically designed for professional nursing training. This high quality manikin will provide wide range of exercises possible including both first aid and emergency situations.
Nursing Skills:
1. Hair and face washing, hair combing
2. Eye and ear washing and administering
3. Mouth cavity and artificial teeth care
4. Endotracheal intubation
5. Sputum suction
6. Oxygen inhaling
7. Oral and nasal feeding
8. Gastrolavage
9. Main organs in thoracic cavity
10. Venipuncture, injection, blood transfusion (Arm)
11. Deltoid subcutaneous injection
12. Vastus lateralis injection
13. Thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity, liver, bone marrow and lumbar puncture
14. Enema
15. Female urethral catheterization
16. Male urethral catheterization
17. Female bladder irrigation
18. Male bladder irrigation
19. Ostomy
20. Buttocks intramuscular injection
21. Main organs in abdominal cavity
22. Holistic nursing care: sponge bath, replacing clothes, cold and heat therapy.
23. Limbs joints: bend, rotation and upper or lower movement
24. Trauma evaluation and care: washing, disinfection, enswathing of the wound,
hemostasis and bandaging.
25. Trauma parts:
(1) The suturing care for the wound on the chest wall
(2) The suturing care for the wound on the abdomen
(3) The suturing care for the wound on the thigh
(4) The care for the bruise of the skin of thigh
(5) The care for the infectious ulceration
(6) The care for the foot gangrene
(7) Wound of forearm amputation
(8) Wound of calf amputation

Advanced Nursing Manikin (Male)

This is a full-body lifelike manikin, which is specifically designed for professional nursing training. This high quality manikin will provide wide range of exercises possible including both first aid and emergency situations.
Nursing Skills:
1. Bed bathes, dressing and undressing
2. Hair washing, face washing
3. Irrigation of the eyes and ears
4. Oral cavity care
5. Oxygen inhalation
6. Nasal feeding
7. Lavage
8. Nasal feeding
9. Lavage
10. Oral cavity and nasal cavity intubation
11. Tracheotomy care
12. Organs structure of Thorax
13. Venipuncture and injection, transfusion
14. Deltoid injection
15. Urethral Catheterization for male and female
16. Irrigation of bladder for male and female
17. Gluteus injection
18. Ostomy irrigation
19. Organs structure of abdominal cavity

Multi Functional Nursing Manikin (Female)

Basic Nursing Skills:
1. Face washing and swab down
2. Oral cavity nursing
3. Tracheotomy nursing
4. Oxygen inbreathe
5. Nasal feeding
6. Stomach washing
7. Intracardiac injection
8. CPR first aid
9. Mammary nursing
10. Thoracic puncture
11. Liver puncture
12. Celiac puncture
13. Medulla puncture
14. Lumbar puncture
15. Deltoid injection
16. Deltoid subcutaneous injection
17. Vein injection
18. Vein puncture
19. Vein transfusion
20. Female catheter
21. Female clyster
22. Gluteus intramuscular injection

Delivery Training Simulator

The simulator can help to demonstrate all the process of delivery. The life-size pelvic cavity has main anatomical structures. It can help to train the skills of delivery.

Smooth, soft skull with fontanelles for realistic vacuum delivery.

Maternity Training Model

Functionality characteristic:
1.Palpation, embryo heart sound auscultation, pelvic measurement and mammary nursing training.
2. Inflating uterus through ball to make model to be lifelike.
3. Adjustable heart sound speed, volume.
4. Heart sound can be heard not only form stethoscope but also from microphone of front board of model.

Gynecological Training Model

This Gynecological Training Model is specifically designed for professional training in nursing & medical colleges. The various functions of these model are as follows:
Functionality characteristic:
1. Palpation of normal and pregnant uterus
2. Bi-manual pelvic and tri-manual pelvic examination
3. Vaginal examination
4. Visual recognition of normal and abnormal cervices
5. Contraceptive sponge insertion and removal
6. Observation of uterus, ovary, fallopian tubes and ligament teres
7. Observation of uterus, ovary, fallopian tubes and ligament teres
8. Normal and abnormal uterus and attachment model
9. Place and remove IUD by using the guide fork of contraceptive ring
10.Gravid uterus (five-month fetus)
11.Extra-uterine pregnancy (ampullary pregnancy)

Standard equipment:
1. Normal anteverted uterus (1)
2. Normal retroverted uterus 1# (1)
3. hysteromyoma 2# (1)
4. Uterus with left salpingitis 3# (1)
5. Uterus with right salpingitis 4# (1)
6. Uterus with anteflexion and anteversion 5# (1)
7. Uterus with right salpingitis andabnormality 6# (1)
8. Uterus with left ovary cyst 7# (1)
9. Ringent uterus for contraceptivesponge insertion and removal (1)
10. Cervix with erosion 1# (1)
11. Cervix with laceration 2# (1)
12. Cervix with polpus 3# (1)
13. Cervix with Naboth s cysts 4# (1)
14. Cervix with purulent cervicitis 5# (1)
15. Cervix with cervix cancer 6# (1)

Advanced Nursing Baby

Basic Nursing Skills:
1. Movable head, neck, hand and foot. The chest skin can be replaced
2. Cephalic vein puncture
3. Umbilic vein injection
4. Oral and nasal intubation nursing
5. Stomach washing, clyster and catheter nursing
6. Ostomy
7. Hand-foot subcutaneous injection
8. Holistic nursing care: sponge bath, replacing clothes, lactation and     diaper changing.
9. Care of gastrolavage, enema and urethral catheterization
10.Deltoid subcutaneous injection and buttocks intramuscular injection

Fetus Development

The model consist of 10 parts and shows the relationship between fetus and uterus during the gestation period

Fetus with Viscus & Placenta

The models shows a fetus at the end of the pregnancy with placenta and umblical cord seperated into 13 parts as follow:Placenta, umblical cord, abdominal cover, 2pcs of lungs, heart,thymus, diaphragm, liver, stomach, intestine, body.

CPR Training Manikins (Adult/ Child/ Infant)

This CPR Manikin is designed according to the AHA Guidelines for CPR and EEC. The operation standard: the AHA Guidelines for CPR and EEC. Issued by AHA (American Heart Association). This is the best & economical CPR Manikin available in the world!
CPR Manikin Functional Features:
# Airway Simulating
# The Compression indicated by Indicating lights, Counter and audio instruction
* When the compression position is right on the CPR Manikin, it will be indicated by the light, which is located in the central position in the chest, with green flash. And wrong position will be indicated by red flash. The compression times is indicated by the counter, which is located on the left side of the monitor. Some procedures will be guided by audio instruction.
* When the compression strength is in appropriate range (within the depth in 4-5 cm), the green light will be on. And when not in appropriate range: depth> 5 cm, the red light will be on; depth
# Mouth-to-Mouth ventilation indicated by Indicating lights, Counter and audio caution:
* When the volume reaches 500ml-600ml for one time ventilation, it will be indicated by green light. The correct ventilation times is counted by the counter.
* If the volume is one time ventilation is more than enough or too fast, to make the air get in the stomach, the light will be indicated by the light in the stomach position in red flash.
# The ratio between compression and mouth-to-mouth ventilation on this CPR Manikin is : 30:2# The numbers of a whole circle: five circles of 30 times compression and 2 times ventilation.
# Frequency: 100 times per minute.# Report: A report is printed after practice.
# Mode: Training mode; Test mode.
# Pupil observation: From the beginning of the practice to the end, people can observe the change of the pupil vary from release to collect.
# To check the pulse of the cervical artery.
# Power supply: 220V AC puts in through power adapter, and the output is 24V DC. The power supply for the Report Printer is 9V.
1. External breast compression and artificial respiration: indicator light display, digital display device and sound prompting device
2. Operation method: exercise operation
3. Examination of carotid response: pinch the pressure ball by hand and simulate carotid pulse
4. Working conditions: output power is 6V,the manostat apply to various external power or direct current of batteries.

This Infant (Baby) CPR Training Manikin is specifically designed for professional Baby Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation training referring to American Heart Academy.
Infant CPR Manikin Functional Features:
1) Simulation of infant natural opening of the airway
2) Baby-like inflations and compressions
3) Realistic landmarks for compression position
4) Brachial artery pulse, manual
5) Indicator light of inhalation and compression
6) Work frequency: 100 times per minute, or 120 times per minute (the latest international standard)
7) Work condition: 220V electrical source passes through manostat, output 6V current
Artificial Respiration: The digital indicator light bar of Skillguide shows the inhalation volume, compression depth.
Manual Compression: If correct hand position compression, the green indicator light is activated. If incorrect compression, yellow indicator light is activated with warning prompt.
Brachial Artery Pulse: The baby CPR manikin can simulate brachial artery pulse through squeeze bulb rhythmically. You can palpate it after squeezing the bulb rhythmically.
Operation Frequency: When practice, should comply with the International First Aid Standard ratio 5:1, namely, 5 correct chest compressions and 1 correct artificial respiration. The compression frequency should be 120 times per minute or 100 times per minute.
The above manikins emphasise the importance of acquiring standardized universally accepted life-saving skills for all doctors, nursing, paramedical staff and also for lay public. Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a combination of BLS & ACLS life-saving skills practiced throughout the world for an unconscious victim on whom breathing and pulse cannot be detected.

The main skills practiced on manikins were the technique of giving rescue breathing and chest compressions, which are begun after assessment of unresponsiveness in a collapsed victim.
As soon as unresponsiveness is confirmed, calling for timely medical expert help is of utmost importance. BLS encompasses a combination of skills which are performed in a standard sequence for victims of cardiac arrest with the objective of providing a small but critical amount of blood flow to heart and brain. This helps in keeping the victim alive till trained help arrives.
Train the health-care provider on the core basic skills needed to perform CPR in accordance with the latest AHA-CPR guidelines and algorithms. These guidelines highlight the importance of basic life-support CPR to patient survival; the integration of effective basic life support with advanced cardio-vascular life support interventions with a major emphasis on a universal compression to ventilation ratio of 30:2 in adults and effective chest compressions with minimal interruptions.

Community Health Bag with instruments

 Each Kit (Bag) will contain the following items:-
Sl.No. Name Quantity.
1. Foetuscope 1
2. Mucus Sucker 1
3. Artery Forceps 2
4. B.P. Handle 2
5. Surgical Blades 10
6. Surgical Spirit 1 Small Bottle
7. Surgical Gloves 5
8. Steripad 2
9. Scissors – Small 1
10. Scissors – Big 1
11. Stethoscope 1
12. Cord Clamp 1
13. Enema Can with Tubing 1
14. Ounce Glass 1
15. Forceps –Toothed 1
16. Forceps – Non-Toothed 1
17. Thermometer – Rectal 1
18. Thermometer – Oral 1
19. Syringe 2 ml. Disposable 5
20. Syringe 5 ml. 5
21. Cotton Masks 5
22. Kidney Tray 6” Stainless Steel 1
23. Dettol 1
24. Plastic Apron 1
25. Mackintosh Piece- ½ Mtr. 1
26. Empty Plastic Bottles (Small) - 10(To keep Solutions)
27. Empty Plastic Bottles (Small) - 6 (To keep Cotton Swabs)
28. Spirit Lamp 1
29. Test Tubes 5
30. Test Tube Holder 1