Advanced Delivery & Maternal & Neonatal Emergency Simulator : Automatic Birthing System. Simulates Real Delivery Process with CPR of Pregnant Women!

Advanced delivery and maternal and neonatal emergency simulator is a comprehensive education system, which consists of a delivery maternal manikin and a normal newborn, according to the basic requirement of obstetrics, providing a complete birth experience and emergency skills operation. Simulator features includes automatic delivery system, fetus and placental expulsion, prenatal cervix examination and postpartum episiotomy, prenatal gravida and fetus and postpartum maternal and neonatal care, removable stomach cover, multiple fetal heart sounds auscultation and CPR operation etc. The model is made of imported PVC material. The stomach wall is injection – molded. Perineum is made of sponge emulsion material, features soft texture, good flexibility, realistic operation, reasonable structure and durability. It is one of the ideal teaching aids for clinical obstetrics practice training.
Product Features:
1. Advanced delivery maternal manikin can practice maternal care
2. Life size maternity, soft and removable stomach cover can be replaced for a auscultation stomach cover and c-section stomach cover
3. Maternal tracheal intubation
4. Automatic birthing system to simulate the entire birthing process. This model can simulate normal delivery process via occiput right interior position; demonstrate engagement – descent – flexion – inner rotation – extension – reset and external rotation – fetal shoulder expulsion etc. This model can also simulate difficult labor and midwifery course. Simulate normal and abnormal fetal position (head birth and breech delivery).
5. Can carry out multiple fetal heart sound auscultation
6. Provides prenatal cervix examination; simulate 6 stages of cervical dilation
7. Can measure fetal head descent and cervical dilation
8. Simulate normal placenta location, multiple placenta locations and placenta chips residue
9. Vulval incision and suturing modules can be inserted into perineum to practice perineotomy,suturing and wound nursing after perineotomy
10. Postpartum uterine bleeding and fundal massage
11. Venous injection on maternal arm, drug treatment and liquid infusion
12. Maternal carotid artery pulse
13. Maternal blood pressure measurement
14. Maternal CPR
15. Articulating normal birthing baby with umbilical cord and normal placenta, life size. Can practice umbilical cord legation and placental expulsion
16. Neonatal transfusion simulator, providing newborn baby nursing, tracheal intubation, venous injection